About Inside Finance

The research, opinions, and postings on this site are from the perspective of a business professional and practitioner-academic with more than twenty-five years of practical experience and leadership.

Focus, Discipline, Innovation, Vision

My advise to others is to focus on contribution, vision, and strategy. This is made possible by expertise in technology, business analysis, assessment, process improvement, and scholarly exploration. My guiding principle is to lead with ethical, forward-thinking decisions that are for the collective good of the organization – but unfortunately, this has not always been welcomed, and that is the reality all leaders must square with and navigate.

Personal Mission and Vision

To be a resource to others. It is my ambition to apply academics (theory) and professional experience (applied) and influence others to advance personally and professionally, through critical and creative thinking, and determination.

About Me

Resident in the Greater Los Angeles area. Doctorate of Public Administration (DPA) and Cal State MBA and have made it my ambition to apply the model of practitioner-scholar: full-time executive and part-time faculty in the California State University. Areas of interest are finance, economics, technology, innovation, fintech, cryptocurrency, policy, leadership, and process improvement.