About Inside Finance

The research, opinions, and postings on this site are from the perspective of a business professional and practitioner-academic with more than twenty-five years of practical experience and leadership. My philosophy of work is straightforward:

Focus, Discipline, Accuracy, and Innovation

My desired contribution is to add value by leading with vision and strategy. I want to help create, deliver, advance and preserve lasting achievements for the good of the organization and the community it serves. This is made possible by expertise in technology, business analysis, assessment, process improvement, and scholarly exploration. My guiding principle is to lead with ethical, forward-thinking decisions that are for the collective good of the organization.

Personal Mission and Vision

To be a resource to others. I make it my ambition to produce my very best work and to apply academics and professional experience on a practical level organizationally and continuously seek significant movement forward personally and professionally.

About Me

Resident in the Greater Los Angeles area. Doctorate of Public Administration (DPA) and Cal State MBA. My research focused on fiscal solvency in local cities with the dissertation, Fiscal Sustainability in Built Out Cities in the Greater Los Angeles Area: Process Theory and Practice. I have sought to apply the model of practitioner-scholar: by day I am an executive in the workplace, and my avocation is adjunct faculty in the California State University. Please see my LinkedIn profile page for a more detailed background. Areas of success have been leadership roles in finance, technology, innovation, and process improvement as these converge with the entire organization.

A Different Mindset for Local Government

I believe the future of cities is the migration toward the contract model as well as the leverage of regionalization in local government. Real change requires an entrepreneurial mindset and rewards that are tied to individual performance. Yet this is not to the exclusion of understanding the nuances of local government. With a background as an experienced finance professional, I bring responsive leadership, a positive and enthusiastic approach, critical and creative thinking, and determination.

Value Through Experienced Leadership

I enjoy every opportunity to develop and mentor staff and believe that the greatest leverage of leadership is the ability to inspire and to get things done through the strengths of the team.

I have an expertise in business tools such as large and small scale enterprise systems and oversight of database management for organizational needs and analysis. I have also written and conducted specialized training in the workplace, participated as a conference panelist, and currently (2020-2021) university lecturer in two state universities.