Hiring Differently: Learning to Hire at Any Organization

Learning to Hire at a Growing Company is a great post at the New York Times Small Business that touches on a number of issues that are recurring themes on LinkedIn and employment related blogs, namely, that the traditional way candidates are attracted and selected is completely wrong-headed. In one example, entrepreneur and founder of Thinking Caps Group mentioned the responsibility of seeking “those who can grow into roles with greater responsibility.” The post continues:

“My job is to figure out how to either groom people who will run things, or how to hire them.” To make the right decisions, she knows she needs to determine what motivates people in various roles. One thing she is sure of: She does not want to micromanage. She said she has found, “I can either not do anything, or I can micromanage, and neither of those works.”

Future posts in this column are expected to address just how some have looked into “hiring differently.” See the full article here.

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